Video Wall Conversion Kit For existing FPZ-600 stands


The Peerless-AV® Video Wall Conversion Kit, ACC-DS-VWS2X2, allows the user to create a seamless 2x2 video wall with their existing Peerless-AV products. Simply use the clamp to attach a Peerless-AV 2x2 video wall mount to two FPZ-6 stands and you’re ready to go. The clamps can be postioned anywhere along the stand poles so that setting the proper height is a snap. In addition, provisions have been made to accommodate the ACC34 media player shelf for storing a media player behind the video wall.

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Please contact Customer Care for a quote
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Certifications: Certification: RoHS

  • Height adjustable along the FPZ-600 poles
  • Media player shelf ACC340 (sold separately) conveniently attaches to the back side of the clamp
  • Compatible with Peerless-AV® models FPZ-600, DS-VW646-2X2 and DS-VW660-2X2
  • Clamps the 2x2 video wall mount directly to two FPZ-600 stands