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Our Commitment to Environmental Sustainability

Protecting the world's environment is a crucial concern for everyone. At Peerless-AV, we are commited to playing a role in reducing the world's and our own carbon footprint, implementing environmentally conscious practices as a company, and providing a safe workplace for all our employees. We make it a necessity to develop and manufacture our mounting solutions sustainably to ensure we are doing our part.

To minimise the environmental, occupational health, and safety impacts of business activities, products, and services, we will:

  • Work towards establishing and putting in place effective systems that prioritise environmental, health, and safety measures.
  • Ensure strict compliance of all relevant environmental, health and safety laws and regulations, staying committed to compliance.
  • Operate our facilities with a focus on efficiently utilising natural resources while creating a safe and healthy workspace.
  • Be committed to developing products that minimise environmental impact.
  • Continually strive to enhance our environmental, health and safety practices, and overall performance.
  • Reduce or eliminate emissions and discharges through pollution prevention activities.
  • Communicate the importance of adhering to this policy with both Peerless-AV employees and business partners.

ISO 14001:2015 Certification

Received in 2020, Peerless-AV is fiercely committed to upholding this international standard that specifies requirements for an effective environment management system (EMS) and provides assurance to companies, external stakeholders, or partners that environmental impact is being measured and improved.

2024 Green Initiatives

Peerless-AV’s Environmental Objective is to achieve 90% landfill waste diversion year on year and to reduce environmental footprint by 5% year on year.

Some initiatives we are embarking on in 2024 include:


Sustainable Packaging Strategy

Transportation and logistics are one of the biggest categories of carbon emissions. Reducing our environmental impact with product packaging in this category is one of our key goals. We strive to optimise a balance of protecting the environment and ensuring that our customers receive their products in excellent condition.

  • For example, the latest enhancements to our SEAMLESS Universal dvLED Mounting Systems and our new and redesigned SmartMount® line of Flat Panel Trolleys offer a smaller footprint, resulting in reduced packaging by up to 50%.
  • For consumer goods, we use one-piece moulded fibre packaging produced from recyclable materials that are more easily degradable and compostable. For Pro and Consumer, we use smaller, lighter weight packaging and have adopted a uniform system so that primary packaging and shipping carton boxes can be shared among product SKUs. Where plastics are required for protection, we use recyclable Poly bags.
  • We partner with packaging manufacturers who value lean and sustainable manufacturing practices. Our packaging suppliers support sustainable forestry initiatives, obtaining raw materials from sources that use legal harvesting methods, including the perpetual growing and harvesting of trees with the long-term protection of wildlife, plants, soil and water.
  • As a responsible partner, we encourage customers to recycle packaging and installation instructions by using the Recycling symbol where applicable.

*For more information on our Environmental Objective and Green Initiatives, please contact

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