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Tue, 7. Jul 2020 Language: English 10:00am BST

Learn how to create high impact communication adapted for the ‘new norm’. Many businesses with high public thoroughfare, including train stations, airports and public venues, are looking at new ways of working. With customer communication being key in delivering information quickly and effectively, digital communication is one of the best ways to get high impact messaging across. A digital display draws attention, messaging can be updated inline to changing situations, keeping customers informed and safe, whilst providing additional advertising revenue streams.

Diamond Level: Video Wall Mounting Systems for dvLED displays

Tue, 23. June 2020 Language: English 14:30 BST

Includes training on direct view LED displays and video wall mounting systems, including the benefits of such technology and how to properly install both flat and pull out video wall mounting systems.

Platinum Level: Mastering Outdoor Solutions

16th June

Includes best practices for installation and set-up scenarios for outdoor displays, media enclosures, and touch overlays

2 in 1 Training

Silver Level: Fundamentals of Digital Signage Solutions Includes training for basic video wall mounts and carts, menu board wall mounts, and kiosk product overview with installation tips and tricks. Gold Level: Advanced Digital Signage Solutions Includes training for full service video wall mounting options and multi-display ceiling applications.

Evaluation and Planning of LED Walls

Week 1 – 14. April 2020 Language: English 10:30am BST

Installers and system integrators who want to enter the field of LED get an insight into the basic phases and considerations when configuring an LED project from start to finish. Peerless-AV - Configure the LED walls of any display manufacturer: This offers a technical overview of the available mounting options, functions and advantages by LED brand. Datapath - Planning signal management with Wall Designer: Learn how to simplify signal management for projects and installation involving custom sized LED walls. Tripleplay & ONELAN - Content Management: We will show you which player and content management solutions are ideal for projects and installations of LED walls.

Command & Control

Week 2 - 21. April 2020 Language: English 10:30am BST

Datapath - Videowalls in a control room: Get up to speed on the scalable and flexible video wall controllers for command and control applications to fit your needs. ripleplay & ONELAN - IPTV Content Provider: How to implement IPTV and Video Streaming into a Command and Control environment. Peerless-AV - Mounting solutions designed to support Control room requirements and deliver an effective display area.

Outdoor Solutions for Digital Signage / DOOH

Week 3 - 28. April 2020 Language: English 10:30am BST

Peerless-AV – Unique Outdoor Displays for professional use with class leading IP rating and operating temperature rnage for true ‘year round’ use in any conditions Tripleplay & ONELAN - Content management and media player: Flexible multi-platform Content Management Solutions and robust players for outdoor display projects and installations. Datapath - Signal Management using Fx4: Discover how to simplify signal management for outdoor display wall projects and installations.

Digital Signage IPTV and Video-Streaming

Week 4 - 5. May 2020 Language: English 10:30am BST

Tripleplay & ONELAN - Content management / IPTV / video streaming from a single source: From digital signage and IPTV to video streaming, complete professional solutions from a single source. Peerless-AV - Dedicated Mounting Solutions from heavy duty fixed wall mount options to versatile mobile trolley options. Datapath - Signal Management using Fx4: Be inspired by the artist video walls that leave a big impression on the viewer and differentiate from classic 2x2 video walls.

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