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Get It Right with Kiosk Accessibility

Confused about the recent ADA accessibility updates and how they will affect your kiosk deployments? Let Peerless-AV help you Get It Right as we simplify the guidelines and what they mean for your business.

Outdoor Digital Menu Boards

Imagine this – you visit your local quick service restaurant (QSR) drive-thru and instead of seeingyour standard static signage within a protective kiosk, you see a digital menu board, complete withbrighter images and easier to read menu choices. You no longer need to squint to see the menu,worry about the backlighting being too dark or the static signage not sitting straight within the kiosk. Sounds great, right? While most QSRs are not equipped with this technology yet, digital menu boards are predicted to boom in the next year and a half.

Taking Digital Signage Outdoors

Digital signage has been exploding in indoor environments ranging from airports and conference centers to banks, restaurants and retail stores, but it has failed to gain critical mass in outdoor settings. Open-air deployments in locations such as stadiums, public transit stops, amusement parks, restaurant patios, cruise ships and residential backyards have been stalled by a simple but frustrating market reality: traditional display technology is not built for outdoor applications.

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