SmartMount Digital Menu Board Ceiling Mount with 8pt Adjustment - Landscape 3X1 CONFIGURATION FOR 46" TO 48" DISPLAYS


Peerless-AV’s quick service restaurant (QSR) Menu Board Ceiling Mount is designed to create a seamless mounting surface through connecting wall plates. Continuous and fixed tilt options allow all displays to be tilted at the same angle with ease, creating flawless alignment. The QSR Menu Board Mount has a tool-less 8pt adjustment to position all of the displays on the same plane. Quick connect adaptor rails quickly attach to the support frame with an auto latch, easing the set up and making the QSR Menu Board Mount the perfect mounting solution.

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Please contact Customer Care for a quote
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Certifications: Certification: RoHS Certification: VESA

  • DS-MBZ947L-3X1 − landscape configuration for 46"-48" displays with mounting hole patterns 2944 x 400mm (115.90"W x 15.75"H)
  • Tool-less four corner depth adjustment aligns the displays on the same plane
  • Quick connect latch automatically engages the wall plate when mounting the display for a speedy set-up and peace of mind
  • Included security hardware deters tampering and theft
  • Horizontal adjustment allows the installer to create a menu board with a seamless appearance
  • Continuous and IncrelokTM tilt options assure that all displays are tilted at the same angle to assure alignment
  • Connecting wall plates create a continuous mounting surface for ease of display alignment
  • Minimum compatible length, fixed column: EXT018
  • Minimum compatible length, adjustable column: ADD0203 (adjusts to a minimum 31”)