Dual Display Ceiling Mount System For 37"-46" Flat Panel Displays


Two separate displays sitting side-by-side can only mean one thing: a win-win situation. The DST94 from Peerless-AV mounts two displays on the same plane resulting in exceptional alignment. Behind the displays, a long plate spans both and the displays are attached with easy-glide brackets to ensure secured placement and ease of adjustability. Installation and adjustment has never been easier, because both displays slide horizontally and tilt up to 2 degrees to ensure the message is placed at its ideal viewing angle. This makes this mounting solution perfect for restaurant menu signage, airport flight information displays or entertainment and department store applications.

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Please contact Customer Care for a quote
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Certifications: Certification: RoHS

  • Single adaptor plate keeps the face of both displays on the same plane
  • Easy glide bracket design ensures displays are securely attached to the adaptor plate
  • Universal display adaptors quickly hook onto adaptor plate for fast installation
  • Horizontal adjustment allows displays to easily slide together for a seamless appearance
  • Tilt ranges from 0 to 20°