In-Wall Box Mounting Plate


The IBMP is a flexible mounting solution for small AV components that need to be hidden. This can be attached to various Peerless-AV® In-Wall Boxes and mounting solutions (IB14X14-W, IB14X14-AC-W, IB14X9-W, IB14X9-AC-W, IM747PU, IM771PU).


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Certifications: Certification: RoHS

  • Supports AV components up to 5lb (2.27kg)
  • Easily installed or removed with just one screw
  • Low profile design creates an aesthetically appealing look
  • Easily stacks multiple pieces of AV equipment
  • Can be used to bundle excess cable to prevent cable droop over time
  • Multiple openings allow components to be bolted or cable tied into place
  • Compatible with IB14X14-W, IB14X14-AC-W, IB14X9-W, IB14X9-AC-W, IM747PU, IM771PU
  • Can be mounted horizontally or vertically in the 14" x 14" In-Wall Boxes