Mounting Solutions for Absen LED Acclaim Series


Peerless-AV’s mounting solutions were designed exclusively for Absen’s Acclaim Series.  With over 75 years of audio visual manufacturing experience, Peerless-AV® is a name you can trust.

  • Peerless-AV is the only major mount manufacturer to have never had a recall
  • Products are tested by Peerless-AV to UL 2442 standard to provide a trusted level of safety
  • The Peerless-AV SEAMLESS LED Solutions Team can solve even the most
    complex design and technology integration challenges to create an ideal solution for any unique application

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  • Height adjustment: Overcomes installation irregularities to assure the LED pixels are aligned
  • Depth adjustment: The entire mount creates one flat plane, regardless of wall imperfections
  • Lightweight design: Aluminum frame is easier to install and minimizes the wall load
  • Quick assembly: Predetermined adaptor rail locations speed up the assembly and minimize the errors
  • Modular design: Unlimited video wall display configurations available
  • Precision engineering: Tight tolerances and wall plate spacers assure the cabinets are properly positioned