Smart City Kiosks with 55" Xtreme™ High Bright Outdoor Display


Upgrade your current signage with a brand new Peerless-AV® Smart City Kiosk. This next generation Smart City Kiosk will allow you to replace dynamic, digital content quickly, easily, and remotely, drawing in more engagement than your previous static signage. By combining a sleek, modern aesthetic with an approachable and easy-to-use design, the Smart City Kiosk puts functionality at the forefront. A 10-point IR touch overlay can also be added for an interactive customer experience. Outdoor elements are no match for this kiosk because it is all-weather rated, highly durable, and built to last. Maintenance and installation are also simplified with no cranes or forklifts needed and secure rear doors that allow quick access to the display for maintenance purposes. The Smart City Kiosk comes packed with ample component storage and a 55" Xtreme™ High Bright Outdoor Display with full HD1080p resolution. Even when placed in direct sunlight, you are guaranteed a bright and crisp picture when sharing digital signage content - Whether that is focused on travel, wayfinding, advertising, weather, entertainment, and more.

Black with SpeakersBlack with Speakers
Silver with SpeakersSilver with Speakers

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  • Includes Peerless-AV® 55" (XHB554) Xtreme™ High Bright Outdoor Display to offer maximum flexibility
  • IP66 Rated display's fully sealed design prevents the ingress of foreign materials, such as water, dust, moisture and insects, from entering the display
  • Create an interactive kiosk by adding the optional IR Touch Overlay, which can detect up to 10 touch points, whether finger, gloved hand or stylus, all in a convenient plug-and-play design
  • IP55 Rated media cabinet provides a dedicated, spacious area for storing AV components, and the integrated fans provide active cooling
  • Louvered side vents allow for display and component ventilation while keeping cords and other internals hidden from view for a clean installation
  • Extended base cover allows power and data to be run up through bottom center, while keeping conduit concealed, for a clean installation
  • All stainless steel and aluminum body combined with an outdoor rated paint finish to provide the ultimate in corrosion resistance
  • Wind tested up to 135 mph
  • Sleek yet rugged design protects the display, while also providing ample space for component storage
  • Available in black or silver and with or without speakers to ensure your product needs are met
  • KOP55XHB-(S)A includes two 4 inch, 100 watt, waterproof speakers to ensure high-quality, undistorted audio output for outdoor usage
  • KOP55XHB(-S) Power Requirements: 4A at 120VAC + Media Player
  • KOP55XHB-(S)A Power Requirements: 6A at 120VAC + Media Player