Indoor/Outdoor Tilting Concrete Ceiling Mount For Protective Enclosures (FPE42(H)-S, FPE47(H)-S & FPE55(H)-S)

Discontinued: This product has been discontinued.

Indoor/Outdoor Tilting Concrete Ceiling Mount is made from robust, corrosion resistant materials, primed with special e-coat and comes with stainless steel hardware, designed to last in virtually any environment. This mount expedites and simplifies indoor and outdoor installations with Hook-And-Hang™ set-up and viewing angle adjustment. It is the ideal solution for mounting a Protective Enclosure to a concrete ceiling for any entertainment and digital signage installation. Due to solar loading, the enclosure should not be used in direct sunlight without a high temperature display or the display may go isotropic.

.3m (1 ft).3m (1 ft)
.6m (2 ft).6m (2 ft)
.9m (3 ft).9m (3 ft)
1.2m (4 ft)1.2m (4 ft)

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